The Drill Room. Episode 11 – THE END OF URETHANE???

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Tonight we're talking the upcoming ban of urethane on the PBA National tour, how it affects you, and more! — Watch live at

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Lets make it a party! — Watch live at

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Start of Stream
1:20 – Support Lane Side!
1:25 – Intro
3:09 – Dom Barret Wins!
4:54 – Social Media Links
5:53 – Preview of New Review Videos
30:33 – WSOB Preview and Roth / Holman Doubles PTQ Winners
35:26 – Pro Shop Horror Stories
44:44 – Fan Questions
1:14:12 – Contest Info!
1:20:04 – MORE Fan Questions!
1:27:51 – Outro
1:29:09 – Credits

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5 Comments on “The Drill Room. Episode 11 – THE END OF URETHANE???”

  1. On the PBA that is, this is a disaster and I blame @Sean Rash a.k.a. diaper Rash, for this b.s.

  2. I need a hug too. I paid a fortune on a White Black Widow Platinum and then they go and release the same color stateside!

    1. The color isn’t the problem there.. If you realize, you actually were ahead of the game, as both the Black Widow Platinum White (Japan), and the Black Widow Platinum Silver (S. Korea) are effectively the same as the Black Widow Pink, albeit slightly stronger than the Pink. I passed on the Pink when I was able to get the Silver for cheaper than the pink.

  3. to Fussellbear: Bowling balls are tools, use what works.

    To that i say, still doesn’t mean, bring a sledge hammer for a regular size nail. Yes it will work, but excessive.

  4. I said the exact same thing about 2 year urethane ban…. just ban ALL balls after 2 years. At least that way, you’ll have a rolling window in which you can guarantee new ball rules will always be fully implemented. That makes more sense than targeting urethane, because the Ebonite version of the PH (which will never be poured again) was too soft over time.

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