The Drill Room. Episode 17.5 USBC BANS 6 MORE BALLS!!

Just 2 hours after our Stream on TWITCH last night the #USBC dropped the hammer on 6 NEW STORM BALLS! Join #TheBeardedBeast as he talks all about the biggest scandal in Modern #MASTERS History!
#Phaze 4

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0:00 – Stream Starts
0:06 – Support Laneside!
0:11 – Intro and Recap
2:18 – USBC Memo Regarding 6 Storm Balls
8:55 – outro
10:00 – Credits

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33 Comments on “The Drill Room. Episode 17.5 USBC BANS 6 MORE BALLS!!”

  1. I used two of these balls at the OC this past weekend (and it was my first time using the Wolverine at all). Even though they remain “approved” for regular use, I can’t see why I would hold on to these balls, since we have no way of knowing which tournaments or associations might ban them down the line.

  2. Yo, I am a huge fan of your channel and love your work. My reaction was exactly like yours, this morning I woke up and was shocked. USBC literally just banned four or five of storm/roto grip best balls (none urethane). Phaze 4, Trend 2, Altered Reality, UFO alert, and Wolverine. I’ll be honest, I use DV8 and not storm. That being said, all I see in my leagues are Altered Reality (a crap ton of those), UFO alerts, and Phaze 4. From what I see on YouTube, most of storm/roto grip bowlers uses those balls as well. Not counting urethane balls, storm bowlers are going to be at a huge disadvantage. I know storm has a deep list of balls, but how many of those are actually used by the pro’s. Phaze 3, Rubicon 2, Helios, proton physics, dark code, and Nova. Again I hardly see people use those specific balls, except for the Nova because that ball is a beast. Otherwise the others are ball they use if their main balls aren’t working. The USBC did all storm bowlers an injustice with this ruling.

  3. My purely speculative but logical timeline of how this happened.
    1. Storm sees purple hammers on TV winning events/ships and wants to be competitive.

    2. They start making balls that are right on the edge of regulations because usbc(either through negligence or looking the other way) don’t test hardness seriously and haven’t for a long time. They do this for years, keep developing more balls that way.

    3. THE SEAN RASH INCIDENT, he essentially calls out PBA/ USBC on live TV, embarrassing them into action. They test some hammers and lo and behold, some fail. Now the usbc look even worse because they have been letting it slide for years.

    4. Now they go full ham on testing. They find the spectre has failed, where there’s smoke there’s fire, they start testing all of storm’s lineup. Flood gates open and here we are.

    I highly doubt there was any nefarious actions that were done on purpose to skirt the rules. It’s more likely in my mind that there were a series of mistakes made the last couple of years from everyone involved that cause this situation.

  4. Ive always been a fan of storms products. Just errie to me that a bowling ball can get tested, be certified, then lose it certification within 6 months of release.

    1. Just like anything storm picks exactly which balls (from different batches) they send in for testing. That means storm KNEW what they were doing and they were just mimicking what Hammer did with the purple

  5. The way that Storm seems to have fairly quickly accepted this, along with the language used in the statement seems to suggest that either Storm themselves or USBC have identified an issue with the actual production of these balls at the manufacturing stage. Whether that’s materials used, or faulty testing at Storm HQ (or even a purposeful attempt by Storm to deceive, but I doubt that). People seem to be blaming USBC but they aren’t the ones who have manufactured these balls.

    I agree the timing of the announcement is a little strange, almost as if it was a reaction to Belmo essentially bringing bad light onto them. I am assuming though that their investigation will have been going on for a long time

    1. Id say the USBC is getting blamed because the balls were already approved for months so why the change? Thats likely why it seems suspicious.

    2. @Eric Bowers Ya, exactly. It is a bit suspicious in that sense, so I do kind of understand the…shall we say ‘hate’…USBC is getting. However, things change and can change very fast. Bryan mentioned a few things in their post as to why this ‘sudden’ ban could have happened. Many variables at play, and unfortunately we may never know what variables caused this change to then therefore cause the ban. So, the easy thing to do…just take it for face value, as you said…it seems suspicious, so lets blame USBC, lol.

  6. The more I think about it, it makes me wonder when the USBC and Storm knew about the balls failing specs. what if the testing was done targeting players having those balls in particular to confirm findings? Belmo seems to always have a trend 2 , brad and kyle have talked about the ufo alert being a staple in their bag. If this was the case, The USBC and storm need to be called out because this affects current bowlers in the masters, there are over 300 bowlers and how many have those balls as their current arsenal, there are many shops in Vegas but will these bowlers have the time to get new equipment drilled? I would be pissed if i found out this was already known by both parties maybe a week or more ago and I traveled all the way from Hawaii with most of these balls in my bag and not only would i need to get new equipment, i also have to pay for shipping them back and they could have given prior warning before i chose my arsenal to bring with me. Even the pros will be in the same dilemma, the PBA truck must be working overtime.

    1. Nothing is an accident… everyone was supposed to be in on the joke but one honest man blew up the plan

  7. Whelp, Rash wanted tegridy, now he is getting it. Guess my Alert will be getting benched, because I know for a fact the captain’s will want to adhere to USBC Guidelines. D:

    1. This is just my opinion, but I would be surprised if a significant number of leagues and local tournaments do not ban these pieces from competition.

  8. I’m just going to exchange mine and not mess with any future head aches sad I love my wolverine

  9. USBC has tarnished this sport. How can these balls pass then fail and be released for commercial retail. And to ban these balls mid way through the season as well as the Masters. Not only that, it’s not a complete ban, just only USBC toruney/leagues. That sounds fishy!

  10. Should we expect this to go beyond the masters? As in a total ban of using these balls in any usbc sanctioned event or league.

    1. so far no, but they have left it up to individual leagues to decide.
      it’s a very messy situation. We feel bad for Storm.

  11. Black out testing, no data sent out, just sketchy as hell. Yes if they don’t meet standards then so be it but you can’t say it’s approved for something but not something else. It’s either out or not. I have 4 of these, not going to be fun but there’s plenty of options out there. Just don’t like the non-transparency with this.

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