THE DRILL ROOM: Episode 2 – Brunswick Knockout B/U and Track Paragon

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Join us as we DRILL the B/U Knockout from Brunswick and Layout and Drill the new Track Paragon

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6 Comments on “THE DRILL ROOM: Episode 2 – Brunswick Knockout B/U and Track Paragon”

  1. Not sure if you did a video on this, but how would you adapt the dual angle layout system to a no-thumb bowler? We do not have the luxury of having a thumb hole, taking out mass in the ball. I feel like, any drilling instruction do not apply to a no-thumb bowler because the drilled ball numbers would be completely different. I am really into bowling right now, and I get into the weeds. When spending money on a bowling ball, I want to make sure that I am putting on a good layout to support what the ball wants to do. Not sure if you guys have done many no-thumb drilling or layouts. Any help would be cool! Keep up the great material! You are one of my go to sources for bowling!

    1. This Thursday we are going to do a two-handed bowlers layouts. We are going to do the 2LS system, and then show you what it would be for Dual Angle!

    2. I’m no professional driller, but I do layout and drill my own stuff in my garage, so take this with a grain of salt. Dual angle and VLS layouts are the same for 1 and 2 handers. The finger holes for a 2H layout, will fall directly into the middle of a 1H ball grip, assuming both balls are laid out with the same PAP. On the 1H ball, you have the option of removing mass from either the fingers or the thumb, giving you more flexibility in how you can adjust weights with hole depths. The 2H ball is more limited, as you’re limited to removing mass from only 1 location. Deeper holes on a 2H ball increases RG, so burying the holes say 3″ deep with increase RG and add length… and 1″ finger holes will see the ball roll up a touch earlier.

      That said, there are competing view points. Mo Pinel used to always recommend that you go 3″ deep on the fingers or 2H layout. Storm’s new 2LS layout system actually recommends finger hole depths, based on desired reactions.

    3. @DeadPolymers while dual angle and vls are similar, they are not the same.
      Neither vls or dual angle are the same as 2LS, the two handed system from storm.

  2. I love these layout and drill videos. It’s nice to have a little insight on why and how you drill a ball the way you do.

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