The Drill Room: Episode 6 – Finding your Bowling Characteristics

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Join us tonight as we learn how to find your PAP, Tilt, Rotation and Rev Rate without going to the Pro Shop. This will allow you to make better decisions when buying equipment that is right for your game!!

All this and more on this episode! — Watch live at

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5 Comments on “The Drill Room: Episode 6 – Finding your Bowling Characteristics”

  1. I will always ask, without expecting a good answer, why are these tools so ridiculously expensive for hunks of plastic. Someday i bet someone will make a way to 3D print these things.

  2. 3d high rev hammer was a god ball when I was a kid. It was my top two favorite balls i owned. I’ve thrown almost nothing but storm for a long time and I want to get the new one

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