“The HQ Discussion” – SPI Urethane Comparison

Here at HQ we felt it was imperative to explain and show the differences of the three different urethane balls we produce here in Utah.

The Rubicon UC3 is different from the Pitch Black which is different from the Fast Pitch.

Three different balls with three distinctively different reactions.

Visit your local VIP Pro Shop to day to figure out which is best for you and your game.

For more details on each of these balls follow this link to visit our website –

4 Comments on ““The HQ Discussion” – SPI Urethane Comparison”

  1. I have a hot cell definitely going to get uc3 how do they compare is hot cell stronger since it has a bigger core or r they about the same

  2. I got both the UC3 and the Idol Helios. Took the UC3 to league yesterday and was blown away at how much that thing hooked and continued. Granted that house hooks a bunch but the UC3 kept going. It definitely be in the bag for other houses.

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