THE MATCH! Bill O’Neill vs. Tommy Jones | FIRST TO 10 STRIKES w/ Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid

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Bill O'Neill faces off against Tommy Jones in this strike battle with the Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid!

The rules are simple — Get to 10 strikes first and try and psyche out your opponent with trash talk and head games!

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22 Comments on “THE MATCH! Bill O’Neill vs. Tommy Jones | FIRST TO 10 STRIKES w/ Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid”

  1. Ayee! Tommy and Bill are great/funny. I really enjoyed them playing against Packy and Keven on the House channel. Keep these types of videos going! Pro vs Pro lol

  2. I haven’t seen you guys together since the hville charity tournament. This was fun. The ball looks pretty good.

  3. It would have been EPIC if Bill threw Tommy’s own words right back in his face at the end after the Ebonite comment; “Nothing hits like a HAMMER!” – Tommy Jones @ 4:30

  4. Never realized how good a sense of humor these two had. They always seem so serious on TV. Keep making these kinds of vids!

    1. 14 has more angle because its Spinning faster. 16 has a little more midlane and less entry angle. Sometimes if you need less angle use a 16 is you need a sharper angle use a 14. A 14 will get more grip then a 15 because of revrage. 16 will get more midlane then a 15 because of weight ;D

  5. This is fantastic! The banter between the two of you is hilarious. You two definitely need to do more first to 10 competitions.

  6. Love the banter between these 2 great bowlers. Looks like they are having fun! Looking forward to seeing you 2 on the show. Good luck!

  7. Why did Bill drop down to 14 lbs? Muscle or joint problems? I’ll be at the ToC pro-am this year, so hopefully, both of you will be there because this video shows you’d be a blast to bowl with!

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