The Most insane urethane ball on the market | ZEN U by 900 Global | Full Review

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21 Comments on “The Most insane urethane ball on the market | ZEN U by 900 Global | Full Review”

  1. I don’t have a pure urethane ball yet. I’m rocking my UC3 and loving it! Curious how this one compares to that…if they’re different enough, I wouldn’t mind a more “hooky” pure urethane. Great review and the ball looks fantastic!

  2. That reaction to your last shot is exactly how I feel about the original Trend. I do love urethane though so looking forward to seeing more comparisons to UC3, PB, and PH.

  3. Always great video’s as always!!! Short story, my pro shop operator searched me out just to tell me about the zen u. As i predominantly use urathane!!! ( pitch black)

  4. Wow.. I have a pink widow and purple, which are a great 1-2 for me, but that zen U looks crazy. Can’t wait for the purple / zen u comparison

  5. Looking at some of the other reviews, it seems like there are two types of ZenU out there. Brad and Kyle’s and Beef and Barnzy’s looked like a small step up from a pitch black where as this and Darren Tang’s just look insane. Obviously layouts and patterns will play a big part but I really don’t know what to make of it at the moment

    1. This makes sense to me because I’ve heard complaints that it was not different enough from the Pitch Black, whereas this review makes the ZU look like a urethane/reactive hybrid. More QC issues with Storm? 🤔

  6. Wow…talk about mind blowing 🤯 Sometime soon, you should drop a Purple Hammer/Zen U comparison vid. That’s one of the best ball motions I’ve seen in quite a long time

  7. I’d love to see this compared to the Blue and new Carbide Tanks. I feel like this is stronger than the Blue but will be weaker in oil handling ability than the Carbide.

  8. Probably you could have talked about speed control here becuase since it’s a urethane I am sure you would have adjusted the speed to give it a big hook as seen in the video. Thanks for throwing out these reviews man really appreciate it

  9. Saw my pso’s son throw that ball yesterday and it is phenomenal. Of course will take a few games to break it in cause at first that ball is going to continuously go brooklyn and hook it’s but off lol. Awesome ball overall 🤙🏾

  10. Lol JR should have kept trying to leave a 10 pin to see how long it would be til he leaves one regarding the fact that this ball is 🔥

  11. I had a chance to throw this ball at a Storm demo over the weekend, and I had the same response. I didn’t have much luck with it going up the track, but as soon as I started moving left with it, I immediately turned around at one of the reps and yelled at ’em, “You’re sure this is urethane?!” They just smiled at me and shrugged haha.

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