THE PERFECT BENCHMARK?! | 900 Global Zen Soul | Bowling Ball Review

The new Zen Soul from 900 Global could potentially be your new benchmark ball! Comparing it to the Storm Phaze 2 and 900 Global Zen Master, Jungo is back to share his strikes and thoughts!

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0:00 – Intro
3:00 – Carbon 42' (House)
7:29 – Question Time with Jungo!
7:46 – Mercury 40' (Challenge)
14:20 – Summary
18:54 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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25 Comments on “THE PERFECT BENCHMARK?! | 900 Global Zen Soul | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. you guys are my heroes for doing this combination. love your stuff and congrats to you Jungo!

  2. Excellent comparison. I was thinking of getting this ball, but maybe I’d get more use from the zen master.

  3. I throw the Brunswick Zenith with a 1000 pad. Of the 3 balls I use, this worked on a Fresh Kegel Helium 41 feet and 25.1 Volume today.

  4. My favorite American bowler (D. Tang) made Team USA and my favorite Canuck (Jungo of course!) made Team Canada! Congrats jungo. My benchmark at the moment is either the Helios, for flatter patterns, or IQ Tour Nano Pearl for league/house shots.

  5. Benchmark ball is also Phase II, but cant leave the Nova home either. Both very versatile for me.

  6. I can’t wait to watch this. In every review I’ve seen this ball has looked insane. It seems the blend on the cover with that core is a match made in heaven. Thanks for checking this one out.

  7. My benchmark is the power torq. As a leftie, if I can’t throw it up 5 it tells me if I need to ball up or ball down instantly haha.

  8. My benchmark ball is the Rubicon GT, really nice and controllable asym hybrid.
    4k on the surface too
    Love the vid! ❤️

  9. I actually have a phaze 2 but like to use my nova as a benchmark a little more lol. I’m going to try changing the surface on the phaze and see what happens though that might be what’s doing it for me.

  10. I only have 1 ball ATM an old Visionary Raven. If I were to get a benchmark probably would be either an Idol Helios, black widow 2.0, game breaker 4 or a power torque.
    All that aside the Zen master in this vid looked like a totally different ball for Jungo. The initial review it would barely move. Could be some of it is the span and pitch changes Jungo made recently too

  11. My benchmark is my Phaze 2, i was always trying to find an alternative because I thought it was overrated but as soon as I bought one it changed my career. It not only my benchmark but it also sees the most lane time next to the Burner Solid in league and in tournaments!

  12. PHAZE II will remain my benchmark, great video comparison thank you JUNGO ! I still think there will be a place for the Soul but that is going to compare to my Zen kept at box finish.

  13. Benchmark for me is my Reality. Nice and controllable for me. I think Zen Soul will fit nicely. Maybe take it down to like 2 or 3k to make it a bit more earlier than the Zen but not as much as something like my helios

  14. Congrats Jungo on making the team. Best of luck to you. A few years back my benchmark ball was the IQ Tour solid then it cracked. Replaced with a Phaze II, which also recently cracked. Ordered a Motiv Pride asymmeticial benchmark to replace the Phaze II. Hopefully, it won’t crack.

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