The power release in bowling explained

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18 Comments on “The power release in bowling explained”

  1. Excellent post . thank you . id really like to take lessons with you . but unfortunately i live in the UK . im spending some time with my daughter in South Carolina soon though . so maybe it could happen 👋👋👋👌

  2. I believe 1000% they aren’t taught right.. most juniors aren’t taught right period. Bad habits and lack of confidence making changes keeps them doing the wrong things

  3. I also think part of it is the female center of gravity is different than a man’s.

    The men get lower because they have to, the women dont because they naturally have a lower center of gravity.

  4. J R, l’ve been having success in this area by feeling as though I’m rolling the ball off my forearm with fingers positioned on the inside of the ball. Seems to work for me a lot better.

  5. I’m a woman who is trying to get better at this. I’m ok with my wrist guard on, actually struggling with my ball hooking too much too early. But when I take the wristguard off, a sharp pain is felt in the tendons between the two bones where the foremarm meets the hand. I have a tiny, child sized wrist, but have strong fingers. Some of it might be physiological. Wish you could trade bodies for a day and go inside an athletic woman bowler’s body and see the difference.

    1. I had that same pain with a small wrist. I dropped ball weight and it went away. To me it’s a bit awkward, as so many people expect me to throw a 16lb ball…yeah my arm can handle that but my wrist can’t with a higher Rev rate. Which is why I throw 14lbs. As I can go throw in a tournament for 10+ games and be fine.

      Which is the question I got for you, have you tried a lighter ball?

    2. @KiF1rE if I was a man throwing 16 I’d be fine going down to 15. But I’m throwing 14 right now and I don’t want to go down to 13. There’s no pain at all when I wear my wrist guard and if I keep my speed around 13/14 I have good ball reaction, if I go lower in weight I’m afraid of less pin carry and more deflection.

    3. @machine thesun I’m at 13/14. If you get good roll it,still hits like a truck. Just gotta be careful with weight blocks as a lot of brands downscale/alter the core at lower weights. Granted most everyone is supporting 14 now.

      For reference when I dropped in weight I used my mom’s equipment. As I fit mostly. Had to put tape in the thumb hole. As my thumb was much smaller.

  6. Tim Cagle is proof that being taught right isn’t everything, lol. I want to get more under the ball, but my wrist won’t support the weight plus leverage of a 15lb ball being cupped at the bottom of my swing as well as I’d like. I think a lot of it is strength limitations. I destroyed my wrist trying to learn to hook the ball with a cupped wrist on day 1, and had to use a wrist brace to even continue bowling at all.

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