THE SOLUTION TO HOUSE SHOTS? | Brunswick Quantum Evo Hybrid | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. MITCH HUPÉ

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Mitch Hupé is back once again! This time it is the Quantum Evo Hybrid from Brunswick! Mitch also shares his thoughts on how to attack the house pattern better!

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0:00 – Intro
2:07 – Carbon 42' (House)
6:30 – Question Time with Mitcho!
6:47 – Titanium 44' (Challenge)
10:48 – Summary
13:25 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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25 Comments on “THE SOLUTION TO HOUSE SHOTS? | Brunswick Quantum Evo Hybrid | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. MITCH HUPÉ”

    1. For my house, big asyms are generally a no go for me. Just too strong for what’s out there for both our sport and house shot leagues. They burn up for me. I have a higher speed and rev rate, so symmetric pearls allow me to get deep in the pattern, wheeling it out and clearing the fronts, with the strong shape I’m looking for off of the breakpoint. Just a personal taste for my game. My buddy has a slower speed and rev rate and matches up with big asyms better than me.

    2. My go to balls are my motiv affliction 1st out the bag always and then ill transition to the hustle wine. Just picked up a dark moss tho we will see how it rolls. But a predictable smooth roll for me is preferable. Although in the later games i do like to see more angle

    3. The house shot during the summer was the RST-X2 then the Power Torq Pearl or Motive Empire.

      During the winter, I will normally start with the EVO Solid or the Nova.

      Thanks Mitch for the hybrid demo…it’s on the wish list!

  1. My house has way too much friction to throw any balls this strong I wish I could. Mid performance balls are my best options.

  2. On a THS I prefer stronger stuff asymmetrical equipment. In recent years I have used Ebonite Verdict, Paradox Black, Ebonite Omni.

  3. My Drean On worked great on THS. After it started to lose a bit of hit I’ve now replaced it with the Burner Solid. Just drilled up a Gem and am anxious to give it a shot on tge house league pattern.

  4. I recently got an Iron Forge. Went with 13 pounds because I tend to throw it hard and straight. The pro shop guy called me an idiot basically.

  5. I prefer benchmark shapes shined up typically because the fronts hook a lot where I’m at and I don’t have the ball speed and I’m rev dominant 👍🏻

  6. I throw to hammer balls one is the venom shock hook alot and the ruthless witch they don’t make any more and the ruthless cover stock ia solid hooks to earlier.. next video u should drill a any venom line like the shock and see if u like it!

  7. Mitch needs to be on this channel more often. I love his insight and experience on the lanes. It just gives us one more reliable viewpoint to utilize. And, makes this channel all the better every time he is on. Love you all, great content.

  8. I start with my rocketship sanded at 4000 grit, with a long pin to pap, once I start experiencing carry down, then I switch to my counter attack which I find uses that carry down nicely to open up my area a little.

  9. Speed control is so important. Going down half a MPH is the difference between good ball roll and bad ball roll. Thanks Mitch for your expertise.

  10. I use my symmetric balls for the house shot league. I pull my asyms out every once in a while for fun but I mostly save those for tournaments/sport conditions.

  11. Alot of people confuse “strong” with flippy, as in back end motion. Making that hard left turn motion. Strong to me mean smooth, slow response, and not “jumping left”. And thats what I always lean towards on house shots. Smooth controllable stuff. At least for most of the time.

  12. I’ve been consciously trying to learn to like the big slow asyms on house shots. My eye is slowly coming around to seeing it properly.
    My question:
    If big slow asyms are becoming what good players use on house shots, when would you ever use a quick response sym? If you’re not using them when there’s free hook to the right, not using them on short patterns obviously, probably don’t have enough teeth to get started on any heavy volume patterns, so is it long patterns with low volume only?

  13. I’ve found myself having to decide whether to settle with 7 pins with smooth equipment or splits with angular equipment. Now I see why pros like smooth reaction so much more.

  14. Motiv microcell polymer is a godsend on house for me. It blends so much better than any reactive I’ve ever thrown, and it hits super hard like urethane because it doesn’t blow so much energy hooking.

  15. Love when Mitch comes for ball reviews. Hope to see him do some more Hammer reviews like his Widow Ghost review

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