This Ball is No Joke | Swag Joker Wild Bowling Ball | BowlerX Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond

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28 Comments on “This Ball is No Joke | Swag Joker Wild Bowling Ball | BowlerX Full Uncut Review with JR Raymond”

  1. Fun fact, this company actually sells there x-outs at a discounted price. I’ve been wanting to try them for awhile and just pulled the trigger on an original joker x-out. Depending on how that ball rolls for me, I might have to get this one

    1. its on of my all time favorite balls, had 2 in my bag one pin under bridge and the other stacked and it was so good for tournaments, and surface changes go really well on it as well.

    2. @Carter Genics I’ve been wanting to try them since I really started to get into bowling 2 years ago but just never could pull the trigger. I saw they got pba approved, had a little extra money. I said screw it, I can atleast buy an x-out since they went through that trouble

    3. @Garrett Fussell i’ve been throwing them for around 10 years now and thrown all other brands of equipment and their the only brand I’ve been able to find a good look with that was consistent enough for traveling houses in my area and they just carry better than the other brands for me. If you like swag definently consider the other brands to give a try even though their not pba approved yet. Some recommendations on some of the cheaper balls if you dont want to pay full on them are the exodus line especially the pearl and the morpheus nightmare. love both of them and their very versatile as well.

  2. Is swag bowling there own company or are they partners with other companies. Like Brunswick is also a part of Columbia 300 and Ebonite?

    1. @drg19841 okay, so if someone would throw swag’s equipment they could also throw lane master legends?

    2. @Big Beanus not in a pba event only sawg balls can be used right can used the other balls in league or local tournaments

    3. @Big Beanus All lanemasters and lord field balls are USBC certified. Swag is the only brand that is both USBC and PBA certified.

    4. Korean based company. If you order one check the ball when you get it. I got a ball in 2 days ago from them with a huge flat spot on the bottom. Now going through the process of returning and waiting on new one

    5. @David White David it sounds like you got a ball that was sitting in the warehouse for a while. That could happen especially if you ordered one of the older releases. Has nothing to do with the balls being poured in Korea.

  3. Nice video! Will you be reviewing the Ripcord Velocity? I’m curious to see how it reacts on a lane surface like this

  4. The moment I saw this ball i fell in love with it without even knowing how it performed because if its color combo and stamp. Now seeing it in your hands after this review im a little hard pressed i just purchased the motiv vip affliction literally today lol.

  5. Such a motion of beauty. Never underrate this piece. It will become much more useful than what I estimate now.

  6. I wish we could have seen more camera angle when it came to you lifting the ball over the gutter. Still an awesome video πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜€

  7. Just ordered the storm phase 3 from bowler x was between the joker and that ball but went ahead and pulled the trigger on phase 3 might bet the roto grip rubicon soon to the arsenal and a fast pitch

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