This ball will drive you mad. Is it good or bad though? | Madness by C300 | Full bowling ball review

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12 Comments on “This ball will drive you mad. Is it good or bad though? | Madness by C300 | Full bowling ball review”

  1. Gotta knock some of that polish off. Actually every shot after the first looked great 🔥

  2. I’ll have to watch this again. I’m a bit befuddled how well this ball morphed its reaction based on when it saw friction.

  3. An extremely smooth and continuous ball. Excellent control and a very, very nice shape.
    Can you tell us about your new ink on your left arm?

  4. A buddy of mine has a Madness. Very sharp for him (2h high rev rate medium speed). It floats and then turns on a dime for him. Probably due to the differences in style, layout, lane surfaces, etc.

  5. Ehhh idk about that comment about c300. Two years ago Id agree. Power torq, speed, top speed, purple sparkle beast, messenger pearl/solid all saw a lot of play at the collegiate level during my last 2 years. Also I think this looked slower due to a 45 x 5 x 45 layout to smooth the core. Cover does 90% of the work but still…layout on assyms mean a decent bit more. Still looked pretty good though

  6. Unfortunately this ball hasn’t taken off. It’s one of the most angular HK22 balls out but it’s slipped through the cracks. All the Columbia sponsored pros use purple hammers on TV. Haven’t even seen one video of them using a Top Speed during qualifying during a tournament and that ball is great. The limited screen time the Cuda has received is probably the only push Columbia will get from it’s Pros as long as Purple Hammers exist. The first week ball reviews on youtube & social media by the sponsored pros can only spark so many sales when average league bowler Joe doesn’t see them actually using them in tournaments.

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