THIS COVERSTOCK IS NUTS! | Track Kinetic Cobalt | Bowling Ball Review

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As the Kinetic Black Ice was just recently discontinued, time for the brand new Kinetic Cobalt to shine! Sporting the HK22 base coverstock, this ball looks sweet on the lanes!

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0:00 – Intro
1:33 – Bowling
3:56 – Question Time with Barks!
4:16 – More Bowling
5:58 – Summary
8:02 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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22 Comments on “THIS COVERSTOCK IS NUTS! | Track Kinetic Cobalt | Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Sadly, only one I’ve throw has been the Brutal Collision, and that ball is great. Other people I know have thrown just about everything, and the Envision Pearl is my favourite from what I’ve seen. I agree that there should be more solids with HK22, and I hope we see them soon.

    1. The Innovator solid is basically HK22 solid. It’s the last incarnation of testing before they settled on what is now HK22

  2. Have the bigfoot Hybrid and the outer limits currently. I love my bigfoot Hybrid so much. I need to seek more oil to really get maximum use from the outer limits. Bought the ball after watching a few of you all throw it on this channel. Gootz!!!!

  3. Great video Barks !! Literally practiced two hours and rung up a ton of 7 pins in 10 games (obviously a fellow lefty) been eying a cobalt but definitely getting one now ! Ay ! From the east coast of the USA !

  4. Any chance in the future that you’ll review the Columbia 300 Madness? Bowling this Month gave that ball a 9.9 out of 10 for all styles of bowlers.

  5. I have two questions: 1) What company makes Barks’ jerseys? I love the style but can’t find the style anyplace. That Hammer jersey is sweet! 2) Do you film these videos before and/or after hours? That seems like such a nice bowling alley and yet it’s always empty in the videos.

  6. Katana Assault, considering it’s the only ball I have with the hyperkinetic 22 cover so far

  7. I only have the blackwidow 2.0 hybrid that has the HK-22 but the cover stock really sticks out in performance compared the other balls I’ve had. Definitely really liking the reaction.

  8. I have Brutal Collision and Top Speed with the HK-22 so far. Both are really good though I like the Brutal a bit more.

  9. “Barks is Back” baby! Finally a lefty for us. As far as what HK-22 ball is my favorite. I have no idea since I haven’t got one yet, but if I was going to go out and get one I would lean towards medium to low diff balls being a lefty I don’t usually have to cover a lot of boards. I love my Radical Bonu$ Pearl which has a 30 diff. I’ve never thrown a Track ball but this Kinetic Cobalt and the Tundra Fire coming up have that sweet spot in the Diff I like. Good stuff Barks.

  10. 4:34 I have a BW 2.0 Hybrid and thrown a friends Defender Hybrid. So between those 2 balls, I got to give it to the Defender Hybrid. I was shocked how aggressive it was while being extremely controllable.Don’t get me wrong, the Widow is an amazing ball!

  11. I’m rev dominant and 95% of my bag is brunswick brands. Yes lots of early response. For me adding surface creates less hook, polish delays it til the dry then it’s huge. So hoping to get either the track tundra fire or widow 2.0 hybrid. When I’m on sport shots or PBA shots, my brunswick balls do better than on house shots.

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