Top Speed by Columbia 300 bowling | Full review on a 35ft Sport pattern

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10 Comments on “Top Speed by Columbia 300 bowling | Full review on a 35ft Sport pattern”

  1. waited since the ball was announced for this review, and its on a 35 foot sport shot I will never through on.:( Most bowlers don’t through on a sport shot so the this gives no concept of what the ball will do 🙁

    1. I get what you’re saying but when throwing on a sport shot you actually get to see more of what the ball can do. Generally speaking, while you will get different reactions with Pearl, solid, and hybrid, most balls are going to look the same on a house shot.

  2. Do you have any videos about timing? Being early, neutral and or late? When I release the ball, I’m still sliding slightly at that moment and would love to know how to correct this as it affects my balance

  3. The best thing about this video was JR demonstrating how a ball that could be very, very good for a House Shot is pretty useless on a Sport shot.
    What most normal House shot league bowlers don’t seem to realize is almost “any ball” can look super good on a House Shot.
    It’s only when you start comparing balls on Sport shots that you see the extreme differences in shape, roll, hook and overall performance.

  4. This is exactly what I like to see, since I bowl on a sport pattern along with 160 bowlers In our league.
    I found the One remix to be quite good on the fresh sport pattern. Then my iq tour nano pearl too.
    But once I could see you find something great on that I would buy one instantly. I’m thinking the GB2 remake!
    The boardwalk is close to what we have but we also have a OB so we are trapped inside and fighting the hook.

  5. Interesting review – a great example of what not matching up looks like! Also showcases that bowling on sport makes a tremendous difference.

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