Track Heat | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. MITCH HUPÉ!!

PBA Pro Mitch "Mitcho" Hupé is back once again to review the Track Heat. Comparing to one of his favourite bowling balls Ebonite's Game Breaker 4, will this new Heat outperform the GB4??

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0:00 – Intro
1:44 – Carbon 42' (House)
5:50 – Question time with Mitcho
6:06 – Autobahn 42' (Sport)
10:19 – Summary

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20 Comments on “Track Heat | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. MITCH HUPÉ!!”

  1. Absolutely I believe that color has an affect, black balls seem to hook a little more than others, purple balls seem to just be great all around, red balls seem to hook a little more also, white balls seem like the go a little longer

  2. Man, I liked your ball reviews, but with Mitch especially, these are the best ball reviews out there. His consistency with throwing the same shots with different balls is great. Thanks, guys.

  3. personally i like purple bowling balls, always have seemed to bowl well with them i had the rhino, purple x-calibur, purple angle as well as many others throughout the years, somehow i always seemed to bowl well with them. the only ball i don’t like is the pitch purple, but right now i have 2 purple hammers and soon a big bro. i think purple being a darker color is easier on my eyes to read ball motion on the lanes, don’t really care for bright colors other than the o.g. pink hammer which is still my all-time favorite

  4. Color makes the ball roll earlier or later depending how dark or light it is. If that’s what you call effecting the performance then yes. I say no…as earlier vrs later doesn’t make it less performing, it just covers the distance differently. That’s my $0.02 worth.

  5. Some pro shop owners i’ve talked to in the past say that the pigment used does affect the balls motion, if i remember it was yellower balls do something weird but i can’t remember exactly. But imho, no, the ball doesn’t change as much as the bowlers ability to see the balls motion front to back can vary. Solid colored balls like this one can be more difficult to see the downlane precession (aka, the ball slowing down and turning forward as it encounters friction downlane from it’s off hand rotation)

  6. Can you guys start including ball speed with the throws? That would be awesome although does seem like a lot of extra work.

  7. Mitch is a A++++++++ addition to the crew.. great job, love his reviews.

    Color pigments mixed have different textures 100%. My buddy is a chemist who makes lotions and other liquids, the different colors require different mixtures because of texture. So 100% the color pigments used will effect the texture of the material once cured.

  8. I actually like more colorful pieces, because it lets me see the rotation of the ball down the lane and gives me a little extra help with adjusting hand positions if needed. I can see what my ball is doing in the midlane and at the breakpoint with solid colors too, but I do like seeing exactly how my ball is rolling off my hand. Performance wise I’ve heard different color pigments do actually affect ball motion, but I personally don’t notice a big difference.

  9. Mitch may be the best ball reviewer out there. His explanations on what he’s doing and seeing is fantastic. He’s also super consistent so he can actually execute the adjustments.

  10. Absolutely love hearing Mitch’s thoughts between shots. I struggle so much understanding what goes wrong sometimes, so it really helps to have that pro-level insight.

    Don’t let him go back to the other side of Canadia please.

  11. Color absolutely has an effect on ball performance. I agree that as the Heat lane shines, it livens up much like the Knock Out did for me as well.

  12. Mitch did a fantastic review well done! I really would have like to see some one from the shop with a different speed/style throw the ball as well to get a better picture of what the ball does. This Track ball looks great though 🔥

  13. I didn’t think color mattered until I watched belmo talk about the trend being designed. Now I’m a believer

  14. Purple ball (my hyroad pearl) was my favorite ball since it came out when I bowled in Highschool. I got the zen recently after a few years off and now I have to say purple ball no longer my favorite. If they could make the zen purple it would be a game ender.

  15. I’ve sworn for a few years now that just about every single all black ball rolls great, and to a slightly lesser extent any ball that is all one dark color i.e. Damn Good Verge, !Q Tour, Obsession Tour, etc.

    Definitely could be a placebo, but those are my observations.

  16. Just threw these at a demo day in Texas City. By far my favorite ball at the test. It’s a great step down for me from my Power Torq.

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