Track Paragon | Bowling Ball Review | HOUSE HACK!

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Will the new Track Paragon become the strongest tank in the bowling?? Barks is back to compare the Paragon to the Hammer Obsession, see how they compare!!

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0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Carbon 42' (House)
4:52 – Question Time with Barks
5:07 – Middle Road 39' (Challenge)
7:03 – Summary
9:09 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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22 Comments on “Track Paragon | Bowling Ball Review | HOUSE HACK!”

  1. How does it compare to the Paradox Red in your opinion ? Just got a red,after 6 yrs away from bowling. Thx

    1. @JR Pro Shop I haven;t bowled in 6 yrs. Always carried a 200= AVG. My 2 balls i rolled are 25 & 30 yrs old. A Old Columbia U-Dot and a Rhino Pro X. So, i’ve been upgarding my equipt. The RED was the first bought. Ordered a few more to go with it. Obsession Tour Pearl,Obsession,Purple Hammer. Have bids on Obsession Tour,and Black Widow 2.0. All new stuff. Also, aside from the RED,dropping down from 16 to a 15lb ball. I’m 55 yrs old .

  2. Is it bad that I only want to see Storm and Motiv products, I feel like there’s no room left in my brain to have knowledge about more than two product lines.

  3. I’d say DOT and Dynamicore affect my purchasing decision, any new tech that contributes to increasing bowling ball longevity and durability always catches my eye when looking for a new piece to add to the bag. These balls aren’t cheap and as a consumer one would want the best and longest lasting product out there. I may be a little bias since I’m a fan of the shapes that the Brands of Brunswick make and tend to buy their products exclusively. Would love to see SPI make a new outer material like Dynamicore or coverstocks that just lasts forever like Motiv keeps promoting they make.

  4. Whether placebo effect, marketing mumbo jumbo, or cost saving filler to save on ball production, I own 4 dynamicore balls.
    DV8 Warrant (Solid Assym)
    Radical Conspiracy Theory (Pearl Assym)
    Columbia 300 Outlook (Solid Sym)
    Track Latitude (Pearl Sym)
    All hit hard and have nice continuation through the pin deck. So yes, I look for all the technology help I can get, especially being a lefty.

  5. I’m not really worried about DOT since my layout aren’t anywhere near the pin but I feel like I’ve drank the Dynamicore kool-aid. If the ball doesn’t have it, I dismiss it. In fairness, the last 2 balls I’ve bought we’re a Burner and Parallax Effect and both hit like trains when I roll it right.

  6. Cool video talk to tech bowling ball track paragon with dot technology dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time Jr pro shop

  7. They both play a big role in influencing my purchases because thanks to the DOT Technology, if my ball cracks then I can still replace it without voiding the warranty if I have it drilled through the dot or half of it and the dynamicore provides more hitting power which I need because my rev rate is not high enough to get the 10 pin out but yeah it does influence my purchase in a good way

  8. I would say yes dynamicore I feel increases carry immensely on off hits for sure.

    The Dot i am not entirely sure what it completely entails so I can’t make statement either way.

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