Trail Blazer by Radical | Full review with data and commentary

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25 Comments on “Trail Blazer by Radical | Full review with data and commentary”

  1. Seems like a really nice ball. I’m looking to find a new ball, and I’ve been recommended the bonus a few times. I’m currently using a storm tropical surge and want something a bit better. I bowl on a typical league pattern. Would this be a good choice?

    1. @Lamar Moore naturally. Hard to really pick. Seems like there are so many good choices for balls out there. Hard to really narrow it down. I’m still a newer bowler so I don’t know all the ins and outs yet.

    2. This is a sport pattern, so keep that in mind.. however, pretty much everything is gonna be a step up from a tropical. This ball would be a giant step up. If looking radical the intel-se might be a good start, or the new Payback

    3. @Brian B yea I am aware. I’m by no means looking for Radical in particular. This one among a few others has caught me eye.

  2. I’ll never forget being on the front eight years ago, only for me to smash my ankle on the ninth frame and send it straight to the gutter. Hurt like an absolute mother. What’s even funnier, is I got my first sanctioned three hundred the very next week lol.

  3. Radical is impressing me with these new pieces coming out. Might take a chance on them, playing straight is something I want to include as part of my game and this ball looks like it’s money straight-middle.

  4. I went 50×4.25×45 on mine and it looks fantastic on THS. Can’t wait to see it on some of the harder stuff.

  5. Standing on one leg for longer is only going to cause you to get fatigued more quickly. As long as you are on balance at release. What you do after the ball has left your hand doesn’t matter.

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