23 Comments on “USBC APPROVED! The STORM FATE now on the USBC Approved Ball List!! | Similar to WOLVERINE???”

  1. Really hoping it’s like a Trend, really loved it and sad it got discontinued after the Trend 2 got banned

  2. Chris, can you do a video explaining what the USBC Sanctioning fees cover and why we should sanction leagues. Dues went up to $23.00 this year and I want to know what my money is doing and where it’s going.

    1. Inflation and prices are up across the board. USBC raising price on their “services” don’t surprise me one bit

    2. @Graphics Guy equipment certification and specifications lane specifications research for coaching which few bowlers are smart enough to take advantage of, USBC tournaments such as the open, Stable rules for leagues that are almost always carried over into non sanctioned situations from ny experience. What more do you want? They have created as level a playing feild as possible.

      Really doesn’t matter what the USBC does though the only problem with bowling is the bowlers.

    1. CUDA has the name, let’s see if anyone wins with it. Ebonite One remix looks good on paper….I hardly ever get comments or requests on Ebonite stuff. Real dark horse right now is the Track Paragon Hybrid. That ball is bonkers good

  3. Just a feeling but I think this ball will be released with a target of driving sales for Christmas. Just a hunch… I guess we’ll wait and see.

  4. Ive been driving my PSO crazy since the very first #testball video came out. VERY excited for this one.

  5. I have both original Trends. (Pearl uncut) Great pieces. Storm needs to place that Spectre core in something.

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