1. This makes me so angry. First the Jackal Carnage, now the Spectre. I owned BOTH, and am again perplexed as to how this can happen.
    Again I’m stuck with a useless ball. Sure, Storm will give me another ball. Eventually. But what I want (and what we should all expect) is my money back.

  2. My Spectre is only about a month old. Probably has less than 20 games on it. I’m hoping they give us a choice of balls, and don’t limit that to just a couple of choices.

  3. Ban all reactive bowling balls, while you’re at it.. ban ALL bowling balls!!!!!!!!!! Sad times for the sport on life support

    1. I’m not sure what evidence you have when you say that, but last season the PBA had their highest ratings ever, while also paying out the most money ever… Doesn’t exactly sound like life support to me…

  4. I mean if it’s not the batch though, wouldn’t it mean any ball with R3S Pearl may be in question then? Seems odd.

  5. Bahahahaha Sean was ABSOLUTELY using a Spectre when he flipped on Russo lol and he was the one using an illegal ball the whole time lol soooo funny

  6. The competition between manufacturers is tough. Storm pushed the limit on the specs until reasonable quality control was not enough. Ebonite knew the limits of quality control when the original black widow was introduced so the advertised core numbers were closer to the limit than actual numbers. They played it smart. Motive just barely went over the percentage limit with the Jackal.

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