With a countless number of releases this year, what are the best bowling balls of 2021? Jungo and Barks share their favourites from an incredible year!

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0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Jungo
5:26 – Barks
9:44 – Summary

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23 Comments on “WHAT ARE THE BEST BOWLING BALLS OF 2021?!?!”

  1. Ima go with Purple Hammer, UC3, Zen, Altered Reality. WE NEED A STORM NOVA REVIEW THOUGH TOO!! I feel like it’ll be a contender for sure.

  2. It would be really neat if all the ball companies got together to design the perfect ball, sharing elements from each company‘s strength.
    Not sure which factory the ball would be manufactured in though.

    1. Example:
      Hybrid Cover stock:
      25% Storm HyRoad Pearl
      25% Rotogrip RST X-2
      25% Motiv Venom Shock
      25% Ebonite GB 4

      Outer core: Brunswick Dynamicore
      Inner Core: 900 Global Meditate Core

  3. I knew the damn good verge would make the cut, I got the verge pearl and it is special can’t believe it is discontinued too.

  4. Agree with Jung on 2 of the 3 the Reality and Helios are both staples in my bag, I really like the Dark Code as well but the UC3 has impressed me a lot so the UC3 would be the third ball on the list for me. I’d give a shout-out to the Trend 2 because that thing looks amazing!

  5. A week ago, my sweetie couldn’t get her UC2 to turn the corner in Game 1. I put the Reality in her hand after 7 frames… She struck on 4 of her last 5 shots that game and next game, my 164 average lady threw 300! The Reality is a MONSTER when the conditions are right…

  6. Won two tournaments on two completely different patterns just throwing the DGV. Easily the best ball of year for me.

  7. The famous Trend 2 from Jason Belmonte was highly anticipated and is actually a great ball. Also I do agree the Roto Grip Hyped (hybrid and pearl) are good underrated balls as well imo. I heard that the 900 Golbal Wolverine works very nice and looks good on the bowling alley. Then Idol Helios of course, very popular ball too ! 🙂 We got great ball releases this year despite the Covid stuff

  8. Got the Trend 2 this week and had very good results. Lined up more left than I thought to get it to work well. Once there the ball dug in well and was clearly as strong as advertised. Very pleased with this piece for Christmas. It should make for a happy New Year!

  9. The roto grip uc2 shocked me I thought it might be too jumpy. I bought it anyway and bowled my first 300 with it

  10. Best ball I’ve thrown this year is my Stellar. I’m averaging 240 with that ball, and already have a 300 with it. It’s a great ball for late transition or later in a league session. The cover and core make it a perfect replacement for my aged Ridiculous.

  11. I LOVE my Helios. Avg 220 with it so far, and we are just getting started! And I got a parallax effect for my angular piece. Pretty happy, and my orange theme gets to continue.

  12. I don’t own a Trend 2 but one of my bowling colleagues does and I haven’t seen for a long time such a good ball. Definitely the best ball in the Belmo line.

    For balls I have purchased, Web Tour Hybrid has given me the best results in years.

  13. If we’re going off of balls that released this year, the Zen Master. Love how early, rolly, and controllable it is. If not this year, the Zen. Shot 300 and 800 this year with two different ones.

  14. Both my GB4 andy Trend 2 are at a tie, both are amazing and have dedicated spots in my bag, and they both look great, but for the lower price point, GB4

  15. I would really love it barks could comment back to me on this what is his biggest tank ball he uses cuz I like a lot of balls under the Brunswick 7 I also like the style the way he throws the ball even though he’s a lefty the way he throws the ball is really simming away after the ball is a righty and I was just watched your video about you the balls for best balls for 2021 I’m surprised that he said that the damn good Verge is so close to the obsession tour but then after he said it and watching the video it looks a lot like the obsession two are gold

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