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Our annual year-ending video: Best balls of the year! With a crazy amount of bowling balls released from all the bowling brands, what are the best ones that outperform the rest? Stay tuned to watch our first video with all 4 of us bowling!

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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Jungo (Storm Staff)
3:38 – Barks (Hammer Staff)
6:14 – Simoo (One Handed Tweender)
8:15 – Jimoo (Power Two Hander)
10:26 – Question Time and Summary

Special thank you to our members!

Enzo lorenzo (CHAMPION)
Minh Nguyen (Kingpin)
Victor Estrada (CHAMPION)
Matthew Priestley (Kingpin)
Jamal Litebulb (CHAMPION)
Michael Doeut (CHAMPION)
Sean Reaves (CHAMPION)

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30 Comments on “WHAT ARE THE BEST BOWLING BALLS OF 2022??”

  1. Hi guys, please consider doing arsenal vids based on pattern length. Long pattern, short, heavy volume, low etc.

    1. @b When doing reviews they are very good at saying this ball would be good on a long pattern, or a medium, etc. But they’ve never shown us how they each would put together an arsenal for lets say a 33 foot wolf pattern or a 50 foot Badger, or a 40 foot bear for example. I want to see the bag of balls they’d bring to different tournaments and how similar or different their equipment would be for each of their bowling styles.

  2. Out of everything I’ve bought this year, it’s the Roto Grip Hyped Solid. Still plenty I’d like to try though.

  3. Got the nova early this year, love it, picking up my verge solid at the pro shop tonight, can’t wait to throw it!

    1. ​@TheBigEasyI was gonna buy one myself but decided to get it for my girl instead…i went with the Exotic Gem for mine

    2. The ball for 2022 that intrigues me is the Radical Innovator. Looks sweet and these new covers from Brunswick are hot!

  4. mine favorite ball of 2022 is Track Stealth bowled my high series of the year 1033 in a 4-man league play with only moved two board left in whole night play and i just drilled rattler few weeks back Now i have a painful decision to make that which one would be my go-to ball on the next season coming in next week coz both is sooooo good

  5. So far my favorite is the infinite physix since that’s the only 2022 ball i have boughten. But so far it has done great for me this year in league.

  6. Hammer Raw Hybrid ball is my current favourite. Not a popular choice but I’m striking a lot more. Definitely interested in getting the Rattler though

  7. Jeez i drilled a lot of good stuff this year, but the motiv pride and an oldie, the roto grip wild streak have been just fantastic. Pride is just such a reliable motion, seems to always hook in the right part of the lane. The wild streak just gets down the lane, just the right amount of clean vs traction, and is super versatile. i can get it to stop and go forward and also make it hunt 10 pins too. Should have stocked up on them while they were cheap

  8. This has become one of my favorite channels on YT. You guys rock!

    My fav ball would have to be the Roto Grip Exotic Gem. I got a Zen U and a Phaze II on the way though. Super stoked to give those a try. Happy New year !!

  9. I’m a big fan of “different” if it works. So ZenU, Purple Hammer Reactive, and the return of the Offsets…it’s been a fun year. Just wish I could buy/throw them all lol

    1. I hear you on that. I would love there to be a way to test balls, with custom layouts, my wallet can handle all these balls! Just bought the purple reactive and LOVE it. And now I want to try the offsets 😅

  10. I only bought one 2022 ball: the Idol Cosmos. Which is slowly becoming my favorite ball that I have ever thrown. Granted, I’ve never thrown a phaze 2, or an Iq Tour, or a Zen, so to be fair I don’t have experience with the “GOAT” category. That being said, when I find a decent line with the Cosmos on a good day, you can expect an 8 bagger

  11. Before I say my favourite ball is for the year of 2022, I throw 12lb balls because I don’t have the strength yet to throw above 13lb to 16lb just yet.

    The Zen U being my favourite ball of the year, that ball hooks Crazy even though it’s 12lbs with the same weight block as the IQ Tour and I still like to push the oil out further on the dry.

  12. Favorite ball of 2022 has to be the Idol Cosmos, ball is so controllable and it’s an absolute house shot killer, shot lots of big games with it and it’s always in the bag

  13. Infinite physix is NUTS. Favorite ball this year for me.
    Thank you guys so much for all the great reviews. Not only do I learn a lot, they’re one of my favorite things to sit back and watch. Here’s to another great year of bowling.

  14. The Game Breaker 2 rerelease is by far my favorite. I missed out on the first release years ago, so I’m glad they decided to bring it back. I love my og Game Breaker and the second one is exactly like it. I can use it on virtually anything just like my original. Amazing ball.

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