What’s up with all the Urethane being used on the PBA shows?

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31 Comments on “What’s up with all the Urethane being used on the PBA shows?”

  1. I understand that the point is to control the pocket but man sometimes it gets boring watching corner pin carry competitions

    1. it’s either corner pin carry comps or 170 or less cuz they have to try and pick up splits. I don’t mind watching a few of those but if it’s pba bowlers bowling 130 on burn with tons of splits, then it gives the misconception that the typical house bowler will be amazing on tour when you know these pros are really accurate.

    2. Exactly what I was gonna say. I can appreciate the amazing level of talent guys like Jesper and Jakob have, but damn they are boring to watch sometimes. Would be nice to see some patterns with an absolute flood of oil to possibly take urethane out of play

  2. Urethane is a major factor especially when starting off to push the oil down and create control vs reactive which will be too strong.

  3. I still hate urethane I’d rather use a dull 1″ pin layout on something strong to get the same reaction

    1. Never had that measured. My speed is about mid 15mph to 16mph. Rev Rate not sure, tilt about 2 to 4 degrees.

    2. @Dustin Falconer Hm, interesting. My issues with corner pins and urethane are really only if I throw it bad. 20+ mph and too straight and it flat tens. My BTU pearl carried better than some of the reactive stuff I’ve thrown. I liked the black widow urethane but it’s use window was limited for me as it’s much earlier than the purple hammer and was really sensitive to when the fronts started to break down.

    3. @Shannon Dingus How do I describe to you how to find sources when comments with links aren’t allowed… I don’t think I can even botch the links a little to get them through.

      You’re going by experience? Or what sources do you have of a purple urethane beast

    4. @Cooper Gates experience, of course. I started bowling in 87-88 as a 9-10y/o. In the early 90’s I had almost every good urethane ball that was available. I remember quite clearly!

  4. As stupid it sounds my average with reaktive raisin were in the 190th than i switched to urethane with the pitch plack it was bit over 200 with my fast pitch same layout im over 220 in average urethane is insane

  5. Hey Jr love the content as always. Out of curiosity how come instead of urethane players don’t use more short pin layouts on big strong balls instead? Is there a big difference?

    1. Yes there is a huge difference. Ive spent alot of money trying to recreate your exact question. Reactive rolls way different than a short pin reactive.

  6. And like you said: “we’re searching for the best ball reaction”. I like my purple urethane’s ball reaction on any lane and on an pattern.

  7. Great video JR. Thank you for dispelling the ignorant prejudice that has been propagated about urethane.

  8. After bowling on radium for a couple weeks, makes me wish I had some modern urethane in the bag. You get 2 shots on any line into the pocket then you have to flip a coin as to move left or right 2 boards for 2 more shots. any part of the lane could be bowled with any type of ball, but only at the right time….if that makes any sense at all.

  9. Compare urethane to a 1/2” pin to pap drilled reactive ball and let’s see what happens. Still waiting for a urethane to mcp ball comparison as well.

  10. Let bowlers use Urethane. just a personal observations, but there seems to be few Urethane only bowlers that make a lot of shows… let alone win. People say it’s a problem but even if it scores decent overtime, they have few answers when it’s not in play. Best ball reaction wins, Urethane might be easier to control, but it’s rarely best.

  11. I just bowled a tournament with a 43 ft n I was amazed on how much left i could stand n throw my purple hammer 2019 I’m bowling one again this Friday 37 ft I’m taking obsession tour pink widow urethane purple hammer and a old grey phantom urethane

  12. Wish you would have shown urethane in comparison to a more mid range to upper mid range symmetrical solid. Of course a lane shined big assym ball is going to be unpredictable on 39 flat.

  13. easy answer to the quiestion, whats up with all the Urethane? its easy. You use the tools that give you the best chance to score and win.

  14. JR, I’ve been thinking about getting a urethane ball for a while now, and your video was amazing! You answered all of my questions!
    One question I would like your opinion to: My primary ball is a Black Widow Ghost Pearl, and I’m thinking about a urethane to complement that ball.
    Is there a ball you would recommend? I am a fairly low rev bowler.
    Thanks a ton!

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