WHY ANOTHER AXIOM?? JUNGO SHOWS YOU WHY! Storm Axiom Pearl – Bowling Ball Review

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Axiom Pearl is the exciting sequel to the original Axiom from Storm. The Orbital Core has given strong success to bowlers all around the world! Jung shows us how the Axiom Pearl will be a perfect compliment to its solid counterpart.


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0:00 – Intro
1:36 – Bowling
10:03 – Summary
12:17 – Buffa Bowling Promo

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29 Comments on “WHY ANOTHER AXIOM?? JUNGO SHOWS YOU WHY! Storm Axiom Pearl – Bowling Ball Review”

    1. I use to put my thumb in the ball after I put my fingers but not now after you put your fingers in if you roll the thumb hole of the ball on your thumb instead works better to me it keeps your hand more relaxed and that was from a coach of a video I watched who coaches at the kegel bowling center.

  1. I can’t be the only one who found this channel thinking it was jr Raymond’s. Might I say I like the content

  2. Love the videos, JR! What’s the name of this bowling center and what part of Canada? Post Covid, I’m making the trip from Chicago.

    1. Hey red cat! I think the axiom pearl would be a little too different than the UFO as a step down, I think it would be better to get something a little closer to the UFO like the nuclear cell. So the progression would be UFO, nuc cell, axiom pearl

  3. Great video. Glad to see reviews of someone else throwing 16 lb equipment. Would the Axiom Pearl or the IQ Nano Tour be a better compliment to the original Axiom? Thank you

    1. Hey Todd! Thanks for the comment! We would say the axiom pearl would be a better compliment because it shares the same core

  4. My least favorite ball that I have thrown is the hammer arson high flare solid, but then again that was a hot minute ago😂

  5. I love my axiom bowled my first 300 with it this year getting a proton physix in a couple of weeks should complement my physix and axiom and help me on the heavier it patterns

  6. I’m a new bowler, and just purchased the axiom pearl, cant wait to pick it up and try it out. Still have a lot to learn.

    Love the videos!

  7. I might be replacing a web pearl for something a little stronger, I’m looking at idol pearl, axiom pearl, and maybe idol synergy

  8. Fantastic reviews 👍. A question I have the Axiom Pearl along with the Pitch Black. What Storm ball will fit with those two. I was leaning toward a solid ball. Well keep up your great episodes on bowling. Thanks again

  9. Thanks for the review, I will be picking up the proton physics, axiom pearl and widow 2.0. Favorite balls taboo yetblack and IQ gold (unfortunately it cracked), least favorite ball timeless.

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