WHY ANOTHER MELEE?? | Brunswick Melee Jab Carbon | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. MITCH HUPÉ

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PBA Pro Mitch Hupé throwing the new Melee Jab Carbon from Brunswick. But why another Melee ball? Mitch shares his thoughts and strikes!

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0:00 – Intro
1:25 – Carbon 42' (House)
5:55 – Question Time with Mitcho!
6:15 – Titanium 44' (Challenge)
9:39 – Summary
12:11 – Downlane Reaction Comparison

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26 Comments on “WHY ANOTHER MELEE?? | Brunswick Melee Jab Carbon | Bowling Ball Review | Ft. MITCH HUPÉ”

    1. Is the mayley jab carbon good For a bowler that does not have a lot of speed But likes to play A down and in shot

    2. I like the modifications to existing balls; it refines the line, and ends up with a better product for a greater number of bowlers.

    3. For the most part, I think there should be a cut off within a line. Maybe 4 or 5 iterations then something else.

    4. With all the companies under brunswick, they can definitely use one or two lines to do this with. This symetrical core has proved itself.. not as well as the asymmetric widow core from hammer though. I think we still get plenty of new core designs and it’s great that the good one stick around for a while, I say keep doing what you’re doing Brunswick.

  1. Fans of any ball are going to be happy to see it continue. So, I feel like it really depends. It’s exciting when manufacturers come out with an all new ball, but someone is always annoyed about the ball that’s dropped to make room in the lineup.

  2. Losing balls that really match up wwith you is part of the game. Well, it’s part of the industry which makes it part of the game. The important thing is that they keep the important stuff around seemingly perpetually. There’s some shapes and reactions that just can’t be improved upon, or at least not with a completely new cover formula or core design. iQs, Black Widows, Jackals etc. And you need those reactions in the line.

    1. 🎯which is why when I find a ball I love and matches up well with how I throw I buy a few when I can before they retire it. I.e pink idol, have 1 left in the closet🙏🏾

  3. I like the continuation of lines with improvements made. I got this ball last week and I’ve only thrown it one game but WOW!

  4. I’ve loved almost all of the Melee’s but I feel like the Blood Red is the best. May be the best pearl I’ve ever thrown.

  5. Damn he throws the ball so pure and looks like his ball is so heavy when it goes thru the pins. Love watching that thing go down the lane when he throws it.

  6. Lolz hey Mitch there is this little bowling alley in Winnipeg where you go to like the second story and it’s maybe 24ish lanes I liked that small house it’s been Oct before the Pandemic since we bowled there last. Not sure if you know the name of it

  7. for a naming scheme, i like when balls are related by cores AND cover stock strength. like you move from solid to hybrid to pearl in a line, IE, the solid in the line is the strongest in the oil, the pearl is the weakest in the line, and the hybrid is the hybrid of the two. take the fatal venom. they slightly modified the gear core, and even though they changed the cover from the venom shock pearl, it still fills that place in progression from the shock and blue coral. balls are going to be discontinued, the line living on is all good.

    with that said, I don’t like seeing multiple Pearl balls in one line. with the silly cover stock naming schemes, its hard enough for the consumer to tell what’s what.

  8. Love when companies re-use successful and popular cores under the same nameplate. Very consumer-friendly approach and I look forward to the new releases. Not as big a fan when companies change the core and use the same nameplate anyway. The core is what defines the line.

  9. Hey jr pro shop! I am getting my first bowling ball! I think I have two or three options but I want your professional opinion. The Brunswick twist, the purple hammer, and the idol helios. Which one should I get?

  10. This core rolls really well for me in both knockout balls. The uppercut as well. So I like the fact they change up the covers on this core.

  11. I like when the core is kept and cover is tweeked, but not 8 balls 😂😂. I think they missed on the opportunity for a new line.

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