Zen Soul by 900 Global | Full uncut review with JR Raymond

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13 Comments on “Zen Soul by 900 Global | Full uncut review with JR Raymond”

  1. A lot of people love and steady talk about this amazing ball πŸ”₯πŸ€™πŸΎ

  2. How much do you attribute that “sickness” to the fact you are on a different higher friction surface and the fact that Soul is 2 parts pearl? Looked like you had the Power Torq Pearl on the ball return there. Curious to see what it does compared to this Soul.

  3. pre-ordered mine a couple of weeks ago. Can’t wait to try it. Think I’ll go with something pretty neutral like a 50 x 4 x 40 or so. thinking i should keep the same layout as my altered reality

  4. Love my soul. Drilled last night and on puddles of oil was in 230s first 2 games then went to zen and kept trucking.

  5. I put holes in mine last night! Im going to give it a try on a 41 foot sport pattern this weekend at a memorial weekend tournament

  6. Went 50X4.5X30 with mine. Had to put surface on it to get it rolling sooner to control the backend and it worked really well. Would definitely recommend that.

  7. Thanks for the review JR! Having mine drilled two-handed Storm 2LS Layout ** 5 3/8 x 4 x 3 1/4 – 2LS with Lightning Arc 6.5

  8. I used my GEM in Iowa State and I hit it with the 4K fast, it was the best for the Team event (711) and then we changed houses for the doubles/singles I shot 719 for doubles. For singles I found that I needed to change to my Zen for 644. The only real issue was a couple of missed 7 pins (60 year old left hander), other than that a few splits one being the pocket 7-10. So, I am curious to know that if hitting the Soul with the 4K fast might help or just leave it out of the box for the Ozarks Open?

  9. Drilled and threw mine Wednesday. Daaaaaaaang it’s a great ball. I love mine at 3K over the 4K out of box, but even still the ball is definitely insane.

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